Sunday, March 13, 2005

OIF 3 Milbloggers

That time has come again for many of us out in the Sandbox to rotate back to the states and for fresh troops to come and take our places. This trip was only a partial trip for me but that doesn't make me any less thankful about going home to be with my loved ones. As usual there is an entire new generation of milbloggers to check out. These are the guys that are seeing the action first hand and telling us their tales by comparison, my life is remarkably boring and dull (which is fine by me!). So without further adieu, I bring forth these blogs:

American Soldier runs a very high speed low drag blog and has always had a kind word to pass my way and I would consider him a blogging friend (not chopped liver!) His face has popped into the media spotlight after he was one of the milblogs that the Army Times did a feature on (mine only had a small slot there, likely due to me being a Squid). He's in the pipeline to come out this direction in the next month or so, go ahead and give him some love and wish him luck.

Hello From Hell who is at one of the Forward Operating Bases, he's out of a National Guard unit in Mississippi. Sounds like he picked up the blogging bug from his wife Shelle, has been blogging since last year. He has a sharp eye and you can tell by his writing and his title, he really misses his wife. Stay safe for her.

Danjel (aka Thunder6) of 365 And a Wake Up is an officer in the Army National Guard and another milbogger that I think is going places. There’s some quality writing going on here, glad I caught up to him early, he’s only been blogging since last month and I am already in awe of his writing. He has a good story to tell that could keep the dead interested.

Red2Alpha, runs a blog called This is Your War, if you like CB's blog My War, you'll like his place. Very good in your face blogging that make you almost think that you’re there. He just needs to be careful about making fun of people in his chain in case his name appears on some newspaper somewhere, funny stuff though! Check him out.

Mustang23 runs Assumption of Command, he's Company Commander of a US Army Reserve unit. He's a milblogger who writes more in the style of Lt Smash and Grayhawk. He quirky sense of humor and isn't afraid to laugh at himself (I like your sheets! Little things like Strawberry Shortcake as a gag gift take a lot of the pressures out of the seriousness of everyday life out here). He's a nice guy and gives us enlisted folk a good view about what's going on behind the skippers door.

Major K is another blogging officer that has a nice looking blog with pictures. Looks like he's getting a lot of time on the streets. If you're interested in what we're doing with the Iraqi people, he offers some good words from our side. He also has a new child on the way, head on over to congratulate him.

David Green of Reverse Retna from the Sandlot, writes some thought provoking essays. I like the viewpoints that he's giving. Show's that the grunt on the ground isn't some mindless war machine and worth the read.

Dave's Not Here isn't a new milblogger, nor is he even in the military, I had his old site linked from my fotopage since 2003, he had moved and I had somehow missed it. He's been out here since then as a contractor and but his archives only go back to June 2004. His blog has a plethora of pictures and info. Another good take from a different viewpoint out here. I go to his site when I'm feeling sorry about myself about being out here to long (which isn't that often).

Greg from Middle of Nowhere and Two Feet From Hell at the time I'm writing this is hating life and soaked from rain leaking onto his matress. His wife Sheryl is also a blogger (Letters to Iraq), you can almost feel how much they're missing each other. They both look like they're just getting into the blogging movement (basic blogger templates that haven't been tweaked at all). He tells it like it is, mail mishaps, living conditions, emotional stress and how much he misses his wife. One of his posts he talks about how the emotional stress is getting to him, I know the feeling (well I'm not feeling it right now, truthfully other then being here, I couldn't be happier.)

My old unit the Moonlighters has started up a fotopage of their own called Phrogs4Ever. Since I'm not around to take their pictures and post them on my fotopage, someone had to take over. Good luck guys and thanks for taking on the job George!

Quality writing on all the above blogs, the fotopage is mostly pictures geared toward family members and flying over the countryside in a CH-46. There's probably many more that I've missed but the Grayhawks Milblogs page can probably fill you in. Thanks Grayhawk and Sgt Striker for getting me over 150 thousand milestone, I remember when Sgt Hook was asking for a boost to get over his 50 thousand, those were the days! Sgt Hook if you're reading this, we still miss you!

Stay safe guys.

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