Thursday, March 24, 2005

My short, sweet trip

My time here is drawing to a close and hopefully I won’t have to come back for quite a while. Overall this was a pleasant trip, not too long and I got a chance to see many old friends. I would have almost paid for a trip this nice, wish it was at a better place but like some trips to visit family it’s not the place, it’s the people you see. This journey was full of people that in some level, I wanted to see and catch up with. I’m still sort of an outsider in the new unit because I’ve only been out here for a couple of months, we’re getting along great, don’t take me wrong, but I haven’t been through the same trials that they have or have lost people close to me (which isn’t my story to tell so I’ll stay away that tale).

A question was asked of me a couple of weeks ago, why do you blog? Down to the essence of the matter, if I die tomorrow, who will people remember me? Without this blog, only my family and friends. I’ll be just another name, on a growing list of names and faces of the brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, who gave their lives for a cause. Even thought they gave the ultimate sacrifice, how many people are going to remember their story in a decade or a hundred years? Through this blog and my fotopages, I get that chance of not being forgotten. Once this little war that we’re fighting is done and over with, my words will still be out here floating in cyberspace and if I were to die tomorrow, I’m sure that I had left a footprint on someone’s life. For a minute, that stranger would have seen the world through my eyes and I would have lived again.

Not that I think I’m going to die just yet but you never know what fate will serve you tomorrow. Don’t worry, what ever life throws at me, I’ll be ducking.

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