Friday, March 11, 2005

Going over one hundred and fifty thousand hits in the next few days!

The click over the hundred thousand mark wasn't that big of a deal because that was artificially induced by the Associated Press story that had my blog included in. Seventy thousand hits over that weekend, my site meter showed at one moment there were 20 thousand people on at once. Probably lost most of those viewers due to a bit of code I had running on my side bar that showed the address of where everyone was coming from. Some of those newspaper addresses were so long that they blotted out my blog entries. That all took place during a week where I was on leave in Seligman Arizona without internet connection. By the time I did get to a computer, the damage was done, I’ve since removed that bit of code. The entire world saw my blog and for that week and it choked. Oh Well.

The last year and a month has been quite the adventure. Blogs of friends and fellow military folk have come and gone. I’ve gone on two tours to the sandbox, engaged to someone that I didn’t know existed at that time and have met people from all walks of life, in person and on the internet. This has definitely given me a much wider prospective of world events and opened my eyes to viewpoints that I wouldn't have dreamed of two years ago. Thank you all for taking interest in what we’re doing out here and all of your support!

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