Thursday, March 10, 2005

My Old Squadron

The unit I came out with last year has started arriving. The new squadron I'm assigned to is located a little less then a half mile from where I was last summer. Couple of days ago there was a spot of good weather (no wind, not too hot, cold or wet). I finished up the work I had at the office and took a stroll down to pass greetings to the advanced party folk and grab a few snapshots for my fotopage (I ran a fotoblog that kept my guys in contact with their families, made me sort of the unofficial photographer of the unit, there's a couple thousand pictures in the archives if anyone is interested).

The average greeting was "What in the hell are you doing here?" In a good way though! They hadn't heard that I was in the area and were happy to see me. It was a closest to feeling home that I've felt since coming out here. A good bunch of guys that were in many respects as close as family, I miss them but of course not enough to stay! Had a good visit and as soon as this rain clears up I'll make another run down there to say hi to the main body.

My day to day events consist mostly of getting our medical spaces up to speed (dusting, inventorying and packing) for the new medical crew and sick call type stuff, I did sew up the mail clerk that had a combat battle wound using his k-bar to open a box (yes he knows that I'm posting this and probably a picture later) So far that has been my only urgent injury. Everyone is doing fine which makes my job a nice place to be. I also did some work to the template of my fiance's blog, had to make much of the template up from scratch but I did copy and change a bit of the code I'm using. Still thinking of a unique way to put up her links and title. It'll come around. Looking forward to getting home to you hun, hey, We're getting Married!

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