Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Fun in the sun

Barren landscape as far as eye can see, every once in a while there's a few bits of grass, nothing more growing or living in the ground. I would like to say the base is an oasis in this wasteland but that would be a lie. There's no green here, all the buildings have a temporary look, like at anytime we could pack our bags, roll up the huge circus tents, load everything up and leave. There's always dust, a fine brown dust, some people might call it sand but it has the consistency of flour. We've put the blades on the birds and now testing all the systems. Still haven't moved anywhere since our arrival. This is a different ball game then they had in Vietnam, we've taken many of the comforts of home packaged up and ready to go. I hear the Burger King in Baghdad serves more Whoppers then any Burger King in the world. Goes to show you how much some of these people are missing home. Can't say the chow hall is the greatest but its way better then many I've experienced, people are comparing this to CAX (combined artillery exercise at 29 Palm's California) but this is way better, internet connection at CAX? Yeah right. I'm reading Peter Straub's Koko, the main character is reliving his days in Vietnam. A different story, a different life. I have no idea what it's going to be like when we get in-country (we're still in Kuwait). Me personally, I'll probably be doing a lot of flying.

I was reading somewhere that if something wasn't recorded then it didn't happen. We I'm putting this all down so I can come back and remember and if that something happens to be, maybe this will be my mark on the world. I'd like to stick around just to see my comments section.