Sunday, March 28, 2004

Over the last week

Sorry about the breaks in my posts, I'm trying to go the legal route by going through the base Public Affairs Office here before posting pictures and I want to clear up legal issues that could arise, so I haven't down to the internet cafe as much. I have the approval from my Old Man and my home base PAO (they use my pictures in the base paper), but out here it's an entirely different story. Actually the clearance is more towards my photo blog, this blog I'm not so worried about. It's better to take care of it now then have it come back and bite me. Also one of the rules is I can't tell you where I'm at exactly, sorry.

Anyhow, We arrived with a bit of action happening, first out here for a while I guess. I'll post about it later when it's been cleared but all of my guys are alright. Only medical problems with my guys are scratches from laying constina wire (sp?), blisters from new boots, this cold that is now dying down and one really sprained ankle. Second day here the mail guy finally caught up to me and said he had a huge stack of mail, so I'd like to give a Big thanks to everyone for the care packages, letters and post cards from all over.

Here's a list of some of the people, I'll be sending out emails soon and there's sure to be people missing but not forgotten.

Janie W. and the employees of Jane's Daycare in Seattle WA(yes I did email you!)
Kelly B. of Rhode Island
World Prep Inc. of Toledo
Kathleen A. of Davie Fl
Marge S. of Orland Park IL
Rebecca T. of Mesa AZ
Tracey R of Mary Ester, FL
Rachel W. of Mentague MI
Barbra S. of Buffton IN
Linda R. of Irwin PA
Jane G. of Overgaard AZ

It's amazing the amount of support I've been receiving from the home front. I've been sharing all the goodies with my Marines and they're all very thankful. And people that have been sending letters to Any Marine, I've passed those out too.

What can I tell you about the base? Can't complain about the food, it's great so far, everything is a bit of a walk but if anything I'm adaptable. I've been the night medical guy, a bit more laid back then the day crew. BX has a bunch of stuff, prices aren't bad. Our showers are usually out of water every other day and power is always an issue, the local grid is harsh to electrical appliances, could be because we buy the power converters from the locals. Their goods aren't the best. All and all it's better then I expected. Let me clear up legal issues with big brother and I'll be posting more. Thanks for reading.