Friday, March 12, 2004

Still in Kuwait

Most of the squadron is already in Iraq, one of our birds had a problem and I got picked for being on chase crew staying back with the bird. Hopefully the C130 farrying us up there is going to pick us up in a couple of days. Sorry for not posting more, for one thing nothing of interest has happened in the last few days and the internet cafe has been going through blackouts. Could say I was busy but have been mostly slacking off taking pictures and just hanging out. We're already starting to have people getting homesick, one of my Sgt's was talking to his four year old son last night and his son asked him to come home and he almost broke down. I'm not feeling it yet but then again I have a lot of things to fill my time with. Yeah I miss home but I'm able to keep those feelings at an arms distance and not let them become me. Walking around mopping only makes the time stretch. Trying to talk my Doc into starting a blog, he's a pretty good writer. If he does don't worry I'll put up a link. Peace out.

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