Monday, March 15, 2004

The Rise of Milblogs

Hat tip to Janie for pointing this my direction. Huge Hewitt from The Daily Standard does an excellent article on Milbloggers, troops like me on the ground that are telling it like it is. Some of my favorite milbloggers are mentioned there, Sgt Hook, Lt Smash, Chief Wiggles, Blackfive and Grayhawk. These are the father figures to the rest of us young buck milbloggers. We all had to start someplace, Lt Smash has always put a nice shiny spin on a dusty and dirty war, when he came back he had some of the best reporting on the southern California fires around and he's become good voice for the center. Just because you're in the military doesn't mean you're stuck on the Right side of the political spectrum. Chief Wiggles has shown us that one person can make a difference through his toy drive, after trying to keep his name low profile, the person that tells the world who he really is with words of praise is President Bush, how cool is that? Sgt Hook always gets down into the nitty gritty of the mundane aspects of Army life and I always enjoy his take on life, plus he sends a lot of traffic my way. Blackfive (the paratrooper of love) is no longer in the military but he's a great advocate and has quite the following, good stuff over there. Grayhawk is a great military writer out of Germany, he brings us all together through Milblogs. Milblogging is showing the world that we're human just like the rest of you, we have our fears, gripes about being stuck in a dust bowl, missing our families but without these blogs all we would be are faceless storm troopers. Blogging has become my big release, between my two sites and the feedback I've been receiving, I don't have time to feel lonely and depressed (I was never much into that anywhere). There's definitely an addictive aspect to all of this. Hopefully my writing will improve over time.