Wednesday, March 31, 2004

a little post about my welcome out here, old news

I wrote this the morning after I arrived at this airbase a couple of weeks ago, so enough time has passed so that I'm not the one letting the cat out of the bag....

We have finally arrived, touched down at 10:00 they gave us the brief of the base, do's and don't and they told us, quote/unquote "we never get hit out here." We headed out and picked up our bags, go to our new hooches with padded bunks and start stowing our gear when the suddenly the there's booms all about and the duty rushes in and yells "GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND MEET AT THE COC!", so much for my warm welcome, within 10 minutes I was on a patrol to the flight line to find some AVI guys that were troubleshooting an aircraft when the action started. Maybe I'm bad luck, the base hasn't seen this much action since we took it over last year. We gathered back at the COC, the crew that we were sent to find had laid rubber making it back to the unit so our trip was just a patrol around the aircraft. Nice little rush to get the blood pumping and get everybody in the proper mindset of combat. Before I go on, other then a strained ankle and some of us new comers running into constantine wire (yes me), all of my guys are okay. This morning there was a fire fight somewhere off base and we had to go through another rude awakening, we gather our stuff and set up the perimeter and laid low looking in all directions. Dawn came and we relaxed a bit, now we're back down to a lower threat level. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to the internet soon to upload all of this. Take care I'm off to go catch a nape while it's quite.

On a side note, I received clearance to post my pictures on my fotopage, so family members out there, check em out. Peace!