Sunday, March 21, 2004

I'm in Iraq now, will be posting more about it soon

Forty of us have been hanging out in this hanger in Kuwait that was bombed out by the US in the first Gulf War for the last eight hours, it was announced last night that we were to have our bags staged at 730 and we would head over here to be flown out around noon, well noon came and went 5 hours and 15 minutes ago, guess the C130 got set back till 6:30 PM (1830 to you military folk). So what to do all day? Wandered around these hangers that as the story mill goes, was built by a French company for the Kuwaitis and supposed to be able to withstand 2000 pound bombs. All well and good, wish I had a house that was as stout as these hangers were, well the Iraqi's invaded in 1991 and we drove them back including evicting them from this base which these 2000 bomb proof hangers are built on. Somehow the Kuwaitis found out that we were blowing the hell out of their hangers that were guaranteed to 2000 pound bombs with 1000 pound bombs and there's a lawsuit in the works to sue the French company to rebuild these hangers and most of this air base. I've been checking out the damage and taking pictures, we ordered 20 pizzas from the local pizza shop and I'm just chilling back now, since I'm not doing anything of importance, might as well toss a blog entry in to go with the pictures taken. Should be out of here soon, by the time you read this I'll be in Iraq at the airbase that I can't announce without the skipper approval. Take care all.