Thursday, March 04, 2004

A letter from someone that's no longer there..

We had our formation this morning at 6 and were handed a piece of paper and an envelope and told to write a letter home incase something happens. I know this is a military tradition but what are you supposed to say? I know it's important and I did write mine, but it just doesn't have the same seriousness unless you actually think that you're going to die. I'm not planning dying right now but my job is by nature, even without people shooting at us is dangerous. Flying around in helicopters that came out during Vietnam era, kick em hard enough and the bondo falls off that covers the bullet holes. But this airframe has saved my bacon a time or two though, I've had a few really really close calls that I was sure when it was happening that my ticket was about to be punched. Alas I am still here with a few more sea stories. Now what to say on letters such as this? Have a good life? Don't forget me? If something that bad happens to me, I hope I'm remembered but everyone close to me just needs to move on with their lives. I've been around enough death to know it's never easy. It's even harder the closer you are to the center of that persons live.