Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Another post on having a duel internet presence

I was surprised today by how many of the family members in my unit use my fotopage to keep in touch with their loved ones and I received a email tonight of support from a family member of one of my Marines for the great service I offer. It's just something I do, it keeps me sane and gives me somewhat detached view of everything. Not that I'm very detached. It started back in April 2002, I had taken all of these cool pictures on one of our dets down to Trinidad (beautiful country) and I had posted them on a MSN Community that I had started out for free, but MSN didn't really give you that much control, but it was easier then emailing or making multiple copies of all the pictures that everyone wanted. I kept posting there for a while though and then the war started and I saw on google that Iraqi blogger Salam Pax had gone missing. What in the heck is a blog, so I followed the links and a while later he shows us and is blogging again. Guess you could say this all started with him, well he has some pictures to post and wants to do it for free, and I'm introduced to fotopages, This is where I found Sean from Turningtables before he ever started his blog or his fotopage, hmm, this fotopages thing is pretty easy and if anything I have a lot of pictures. So June last year I started my fotopage, posting pictures of my trips, training, family, many many sunsets and sunrises, pretty much anything. The Marines in my unit would check out the pictures and sometimes the family but I pretty much catered to the fotopages community. Great bunch of people over there. When I first joined there was less then 500 fotopages, the count as of right now is 8427, wonder how many I got started? Somehow or other I'm at number 4 right now. That could change any time though. I am pretty happy with the work I've done over there but peer pressure has pushed me into starting a regular blog and know what? I like it. It's an entirely new realm that occupies a different part of my brain. I've been following other bloggers for so long, specially the military ones that were deployed to the front, I might as well try giving the world more of the same kind of service though the lens of my eyes. Thanks for your interest.