Friday, February 13, 2004

Some of my Marines got their Aircrew Wings last night

Last night we had some of our Marines pin on their Aircrew Wings and as usual we celebrated (we're a celebrating type of squadron) Pictures posted here. We only have a short time left before we hit the road, work was pretty tense, unit as a whole I think we needed to let our hair down. I had a great time except for this evil cold/flu/SAR's thing I have. Yesterday I had to teach a class on small pox and sounded like a frog, sigh, made it though the class without having a coughing fit. Afterwards sitting through the next class, Doc K and I were the only people coughing. What's up with the entire medical department being the only people sick? Belly is down in San Diego going through the CASEVAC course and she's as sick as a dog too. Last night we went though the wing pinning ceremony and proceeded to party our asses off. I was feeling like I had a hangover before I ever started drinking, kinda feverish, ya know the usual blah, I wasn't complaining though, I hear that too much from patients and I don't want to start sounding that way. One thing about be the Doc for a bunch of Marines, if you take care of them they take care of you. I would have to say I was very well taken care of last night. By the end of the night I was having trouble walking straight decided it would be a good time to make my exit. I'm a firm believer against drunk driving and there are perks to owning a suburban such as having a huge back seat. Yeah I was offered a ride home but it's 20 miles from there to work and I didn't want to have to wake up early and try to beg a ride first thing in the morning. So I crawled into a sleeping bag in my back seat and slept till 5, woke up freezing and drove home. Slept for a couple more hours and went to work feeling like shit. Hungover and sick, going through records, compiling information for reports that have to make it up the chain.

Wonder what the air base is going to be like that we're going to? Sorry can't announce that, you know the saying "loose lips sink ships", well my saying is "loose lips will get this blogger knocked out of the sky", maybe I'll be able to say where I'm at when we arrive, with approval from the man of course. Not to much info on it on the web anyway, looks like I'll be the first blogger there.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Know where I'm going tomorrow? I'm off to Disneyland! Pictures of course, hopefully I'll start feeling better. Peace!