Saturday, February 28, 2004

Little bit about this place

It's actually not bad at all but then I'm looking at the area compaired to CAX or Edwards, which some people think are hellish places. The weather is nice, I'm sleeping well, friendly people all around, I could be with a bunch of mean folk and it could be 130 outside. Base isn't that bad (this isn't where I'm ending up though) there is a Burger King and a Subway, two PX's, 2 internet Cafes, and a phone center. The only hassle is everything is far away from where I'm living, so I'm doing a lot of walking to get over here. Still settling in, guys have a couple of cases of the sniffles and sore backs from the load up (me too). Everything is brown, a hard packed sand that is closer to the texture of dirt then anything with little pockets of flour-like sand. None of that riverbed-like sand. I know what Dagger Jag was talking about now when he said they were importing sand. One of the interent cafes is free but the wait time is around two hours and the service is really slow, the other one is pay, couple minute lines, 2 dollars for membership and 10 cents a minute (only problem is I can't upload picture, fotopages is blocked, sigh). I'm pretty busy and so it's well worth the money. The plan is to use my laptop to write the blog and emails on word then paste everything here. But we don't have a power source in out tent and battery is low. Everybody is doing good and nobody is crying themself to sleep, we're taking care of each other. Hope everyone is well on that side of the world.

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