Thursday, February 05, 2004

I knew fear today (a small sign that I'm stressed out)

As usual before a great adventure medical was hopping, we were burning out hit lists, giving shots, unloading supplies, all the usual stuff. Bell was on the computer putting together a squadron hit list. The rest of us were off in our own private la la land, doing whatever little mission that we had made our own. She had been working on this all morning not looking up, not talking (strange as that sounds, j/k B) totally focused. She was writing this all on a email draft and had just got done and I asked her to print it out so we could bring it over the squadron (most of the squadron's computers had been embarked so emails wouldn't reach as many people) to get a print out, well the network was down that hooked to the printer so I copied it to Word and saved it to disk to print on my laptop. She got back on her computer to start working on SAM's (idiotic program we use to track shots and such things). Well she asks me if she can close it out and I said sure (my brain wasn't switched on this morning). I put the disk in to open the document and the damn disk won't read. I think to myself that sucks and I turn around to just write it to another disk and the only windows showing on her computer is SAM's and Outlook. "Eep!!!!!" I rushed over and tried to see if the disk would read on her's.... nope. She had closed out without saving, I felt my stomach drop and the feeling of impending doom slip in, I had to have this hit list out. Arrrggghhh! What was I to do, she was saying something like "OH NO!!!" And I just sat there and stared at the screen, cursing under my breath, I was very close to losing my cool facade. Then it struck me, I had copied and pasted the entire shot list from Outlook onto Word. I clicked on the Word icon, DAMN IT hurry up, friggen slow ass computer! It came up, I hit Ctrl+V and there it was. Whew! Almost lost that one.

Okay, Maybe I was over dramatizing this all in my head but in reality it wasn't that big of a deal, it was just a hit list, I put a new one out every day! I rockclimb, have ran into the tops of mountains while flying at high speeds, dive off 60 foot cliffs and I think today I was more scared over this little hit list then I have been doing any of those other things. It was like the end of the world for a second. I was in shock for a few minutes following this little episode and went out side to smoke a cigarette, noticed my hand shaking. Maybe I need a day off.

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