Friday, February 06, 2004

The next wave

These guys are also heading someplace Eric at Dagger Jag, an Army lawyer with the 1st Infantry Division's, 2nd (DAGGER) Brigade, Sgt Hook, an Army First Sargeant of a CH-47D helicoper company (it's his second trip over!) and Jason from Just Another Soldier, a National Guardsman that just had his blog pulled (sigh, he was a way better writer then I). We're the start of next wave of bloggers, joining or taking over for those that are over there. We have some big shoes to fill, with the likes of Sean from ...turning tables..., Lt Smash who is now Citizen Smash and Kevin from The Primary Main Objective. Wish us luck, hopefully we can do as well and make it back in one piece. Also check out Milblogs for a fine list of military bloggers, active, reserve, ex-military, spouses and girlfriends of deployed folk, fans of and so forth, good stuff!

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