Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Reasons for starting a regular blog

I've been a photo blogger for 8 months now and I still think the pictures are tell a great story by themselves but it's on a different medium then writing, I do and have written stories on my flog but, I was starting to receive pressure from some of my blogging friends to start a regular respectable blog. So this is my little sojourn into the blogging world. Pictures do distract from a message or story that you're trying to get across, I could be posting my text messages over there but would I get the same readership? People come to blogs because they want to hear a story, find out some bit of news from another source or want to see what someone elses life is like. The blog and the flog are separate and different trains of thoughts, ones capturing what I see, beautiful, funny, sharing something that you usually don't see or letting friends and family of my Marines see how their loved ones are doing. It gives you, the viewer, a chance to make up your mind on what you think about what's going on. This blog lets you get into the head of the person that's writing, in my case the person behind the lense. So for you people that enjoy my pictures, don't worry the flog's going to be around for a long time and for those that want to see what I have to write, what stories I have to tell, (even though my numbers aren't anywhere near what my flog, the blog is only a baby at only 3 weeks old!), keep checking out my blog, hopefully my writing will get better! Enjoy and don't worry about me yet, my guys are taking care of me!