Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Spent most of today chasing people down for shots and rescheduling 30 or so people that were supposed to have dental appointments, even with all the help of my new compadres, this day was totally crazy. Actually this whole month has been crazy. Just need to regain my footing and get everything in order.I'm a bum. I hate being all stressed out this way and it's not your fault at all. Just me recoiling away from the world. This little adventure I have coming up had got me a bit stressed out, worrying that I won't have everything ready in time, not being able to perform, lot's of moving objects and with extra people, I don't have the pulse that I usually have on everything. It's only a little while till we're on the road and I wish that I had a good answer. One day at a time... Once I'm done with this all, cheery posts will come.

Jason, looks like I'm losing a fellow Military blogger for awhile, hope it's not for good!