Wednesday, February 04, 2004

back on track

Alright I'm through bitching, life was back on track today. Supply is coming through with our stuff tomorrow, I'm picking up the prophylaxis meds for malaria, people showed up for dental appointments and all in all everything is shaping up. Chris is still out at the range doing medical coverage and Bell and HM1 doing record reviews, Pat is still learning the ropes of being an I&I (inspector and instructor) Corpsman and he's already wishing that he had been sent anyplace else (can't blame him though). It's his show now, I'm just helping him along, I think it's going to be a different playing field. The balls in his court, let's see how well he can carry it. The new flight surgeon that's going over with my unit came by on Monday and Tuesday to see how things were going, wish I could have made a better first impression but the office was a mad house. He seems to know his stuff and has some excellent bad habits, believe he's going to fit in well. To an outsider the medical office would have appeared very chaotic, it's cleared up a bit since then. The new HM1 was also checking in during the same time and did much shaking of his head back and fourth. Oh well, so much for that first impression. On a good note HM1 is working out well, he been in for 14 years and one thing I can say I'm happy to have him on board. He just got off an extended deployment away from his family and somehow, somewhere got jacked into being dragged out here from his shore duty. Plan is to leave him in the rear to take care of all the broken people that we have left here. One of my big projects is to make sure that I pass along as much as I can to these guys before I pull chalks. Maybe it's smoothing out now.