Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Day at the Range

Wonder of wonders had a great a time at work today, it was a familiarization day with weapons in a combat environment. Using the M16 and 9mm in a rapid ways (we airwingers don’t get that much experience at such things). Went through some classes and drills and then went out to the range and blasted the hell out of the countryside without the usual rules or worrying about scores (got to use burst setting and were given a lot of ammo). We went over some of the weapons we might be running into over there and hands on training on how to use if necessary. Other then wearing all of this body armor (heavy), I would have to say most everyone had an awesome time. Good moral booster for all those that have been busting ass getting ready to go (medical included, I’m going a bit batty being trapped in my cave looking at records). Thanx for the air Skipper! Pictures of our day in at the range.

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