Sunday, February 08, 2004

Life is a Journey

Inside I know that I'm not the sweet nice guy that people seem to think I am, I've been too far down the dark path and have lost sight of the light too many times in my life to even think I could fool myself that way. Being so far in the dark has led me to recognize the beauty that life has to offer. There's still so much out there that I have yet to do and yet I look around and see that most people still haven't lived half as much as I have. Am I just selfish and want too much out of life?

I have found over time it's not the destination that matters but the actual journey there. There are roads that are so infrequently traveled that you have no idea the magic that can be found just by noticing it and giving it voice if only in your head. The people that you bring with you on these escapades add color and separate viewpoints that make fast the images and stories that you pick up. The trick is to never lose sight of that special magic that is invoked and don't ever let the road merely be just a road.

This is the view point that I'm trying to use on my next little adventure. If anyone can enjoy it, I can, yeah the last few weeks have been pretty stressed, but that boil is about to be lanced. Life is what you make of it and I hope to make the best of this.