Thursday, February 05, 2004

A little story about medical

Our supplies came in this morning, ton's of stuff with some stuff that we really don't use in a combat environment (couple hundred sterile surgical gloves, hundreds of IV needles, sterile 4X4's) when you're doing the flying ambulance thing, it's just pick up and go like hell. Stop the bleeding if the ground guy hasn't and keep the guy alive. Back of a 46 isn't really a sterile environment, wind rushing through the cabin at 50 miles an hour doesn't really help matters much. The air crew gets upset when you're tearing off the packages of this stuff and it whips around the cabin, know how something out of the corner of your eye catches your attention? Well they're over there looking down the sights of a 50 Cal for bad guys and a white wrapper comes flying by at 70 miles an hour (some people can't throw a ball that fast) kinda destruction. So us as CASEVAC Corpsman rip all of that pretty wrapping off and put the stuff in a ziplock (which goes back in our pocket when we're done) with whatever else we need to tie it down. So much for it being sterile. We do keep it clean but we're not operating an OR. Like to see someone try to do that up there. Maybe on a 53 that doesn't leak hydraulic fluid (I've never seen one). Anyway we call these things that we fill our pockets with bleeder kits, we're all trying to be like Batman with his cool belt, seeing how many cool medical dodads we can place on our person. Theory is that when we get off the bird to pick up the casualty we want to leave our expensive (very very heavy) medical bag safely strapped on the aircraft in case we have to run (some asshole starts shooting, have to help carry the patient), our job is to just bag and go. It would be nice to heal the guy but it would be better if he just made it there alive. Back to the sterile medical supplies, I think I'm going to trade it to some surgical company for loads of non sterile stuff that I don't have, I'm sure to make out better in the process.

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