Sunday, February 22, 2004

Milblog people away from home

I haven't left yet so pay no mind to me. With all the attention on Iraq, there are some other great Military bloggers out there Ed from Hardtack and Havoc gives some good advice on shopping under the local economy, he's in Africa right now. Ground truth tells about in-theatre HMWWV modifications and tells about what's under the gaudy exterior of Saddam's buildings. Will of A Minute Longer has a tale about one of his no shows, Jason from Iraq Now also talks about armor on HMWWV and gaps in his own service record, Eric from Dagger Jag talks about importing sand into his base in Kuwait (because the sand there is the wrong type) to Harden his vehicles (odd!), Keven from Boots on the Ground should be coming home sometime in the near future, tells of an accidental dischange of a weapon into his buddy's foot. Chromedome has been there for----e------ver, wonder when he's coming home? Sgt Hook tells of the dreaded itch from getting his smallpox shot (sheesh I'm getting mine soon too), he's heading to Afganistan (if not there yet), John Galt from Deeds tells about good shopping deals in Iraq (I might have to do some shopping when I'm out there). Take a look at these guys, good stuff. There's sure to be people that I've missed but you can catch the rest at Milblogs an awesome site set up by another military blogger Grayhawk.

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