Friday, November 11, 2016


The bride grew up in northern California and her group of buddies from high school was like a rainbow of races and religions, a Hindu, a Muslim, a ginger, with the same in sexual orientations.  From grade school, her best friend was a Hispanic. The idea of KKK or discrimination was a something that was done in the past or someplace else.

Myself, I grew up in rural Arizona and was the only Asian in my graduating class and did have my share of bullying.  An example, we had a substitute teacher one day and he was a Vietnam vet and looking back, I think I game him flashbacks because he would stare at me and tell me stories about his buddies being tortured by gooks (I hadn't seen Full Metal Jacket yet so I had no idea what he was talking about other than this adult hated me for some reason). 

I came from a society that was foreign to what my wife grew up in and when I came to California after joining the military, I realized that I liked how people were treated much better than the crap I grew up with.

Now with this election cycle, I have grew up with both types of people who are alien to each other, many of those from my childhood couldn't have imagined that a black man or a woman would ever be president.  My wife's crowd, it was just expected to happen one day. 

Between the two, they can't understand why the other makes the choice they do. Myself, I lean more her way but I can see the other way.  Right now at this moment, our government isn't a smooth running machine, there is constant bickering, obstructionists for no good reason other than that they are the other party.

As your lowest of lowly new employees, my very humble words of advice are this.  While I didn't vote for you, I hope you can be the fox in the hen house and clean up some of the lack of efficiency that we currently have. Both houses are on your side now, don't screw up and if you want to keep the other side the peace, dont take away freedoms that were dearly needed. Secretly, I think you come to the table with your  own agenda that has nothing to do with the platform you ran and if you had used it, it might have had a broader appeal instead of the party line you sort of followed.  You're a loud bombastic guy, I'm hoping that whatever big dream that you are chasing is for the good and you don't keep it hidden for long.

You have the power now, wield it wisely and step back when it's emotion guiding your actions and wait until the statesman mantle is back in place. 

Also, please don't fire me, I like keeping a roof over my wife and daughter's head.