Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Some of my friends here are surprised that I have experience racism first hand.  Yes I have, I've been jumped, punched in the face, called Gook, Long Duck Dong, Zipperhead and it all goes back to intent, one of my best friends still calls me Zip with love and I don't mind in the least (please don't call any other Asians that!)

What I do mind is getting judged by the surface of my skin, know what? I grew up in a rural town in Arizona, I was born in another town in AZ.   I learned how to cope, since joining the military, I have met folks from all over the world and all walks of life.  I have made friends with homeless folks and people who run companies. 

Know what? We are all human, we are all insecure, different colors, viewpoints, different answers and in the end we all die.

Please, stop hating people for dumb reasons like skin color or appearance.  Instead, use something important like actions.  Each one of us is a story, perhaps it's time to do some self editing to improve what the world reads.