Saturday, January 23, 2021


Myself, social media started off as a blog in Iraq, when I thought that I could die and wanted to leave an online mark in case something happened to me.  A diary of what was going on at the human level, the stories that weren't being told by big media and eventually it just became habit.  I do this more for myself so I can remember what happened by placing the thoughts down, I really don't care how many people follow me, I'm not in it for money and my interactions have flexed and changed, sometimes even grown over the years.  

I'm not the same kid who started Doc in the Box nor is my wall the interesting battleground of just a few years ago but I still consider myself a left leaning centralist who thinks big political ideas need to have a logical plan to bringing ideals into being, where's the money coming from, what are the unintended consequences and are they too ambitious?

Big ideas need people and groups, no man is an island and as individuals, there are limits of what one person can do without enlisting others to see that vision.  That's why we need government and companies and a plan.  When the leaderships plan is vague and badly formed, it's time for someone else with the capacity to take charge.  That's what happened to our country, there was a loudmouth at the wheel who had nebulous plans, didn't take the logical advice when he should and set a bad example that his followers are still preaching about basic steps to reduce the chances of catching COVID.  The fallout is going to cost hundreds of thousands of lives that we will never get back.