Sunday, January 06, 2008

If I were a horse I wouldn’t bet on me

My life seems to be falling apart a bit in the last month. First my truck starts making funny sounds right before my training trip to Yuma, forcing me to drive the old and slow suburban while there, my body spontaneously breaks down. I’m bleeding out of my lungs which turns me into a guinea pig for the local medical professionals for most of a week before they let me go back home.

Back in San Diego, being somewhat under the weather, I decide to drop my truck off at a shop instead of fixing it myself and spend my Christmas resting in bed. The shop says it sounds like the U-joints and I tell them the fix it and they have it done the same day I’m going on leave to Arizona and I find as I’m driving out of the shop that it’s doing the same thing. Grr, this is what happens when the shop doesn’t test drive the vehicle before giving it back to the customer. So I limped out to Arizona at 65 miles per hour and turned it over to the care of the Chevy dealership in Prescott.

I borrowed my mom’s van and make a run down to Phoenix with the nephews and nieces to pick up the son at the airport. We stopped by to see my dad (their grandfather) and he sponsors a Dave and Busters trip for all of them (except for my son, his plane hadn’t arrived yet) after spending the 10 dollars my dad gave to each of them, we make a visit to Scottsdale Fashion Square (a high end mall) where I do some late Christmas shopping then eat dinner at a Oriental Buffet on the way to the airport. My son’s plane arrives early and I get a call from him so we rush out and pick him up and drive back up north.

The next morning I get a call from the dealer telling me that the drive shaft is out of balance and I give the okay for them to fix it but it needs to go to a machine shop and won’t be done till a day after my leave is over. So I buy a plane ticket back to San Diego and tell my half sister she has an extra car till I get back from the desert.

While adventuring with my son and nephews and nieces, my only working camera goes south along with the battery on my laptop and 2 out of 3 of its USB ports. Still working but I have to be plugged in.


Well leave was good at least, I’m feeling better and did a temporary fix for the loss of the camera by buying a 99 dollar Polaroid digital. Went to the Grand Canyon and forgot to set the date stamp so I have 60 or so pictures of the Grand Canyon with 1/1/2007 on them. I’m a dork.

This morning my son and I left my mom’s house at 5 and arrived at the airport to stand in one of the longest lines I’ve had the pleasure of standing in (worse then any time at Disneyland). Two and a half hours early and we needed every minute of it. With the drive down from Prescott, that could have been half of my drive to San Diego (if I had a car that was on the road out here).

Now going home start my pack up for my next Iraqi journey and get some rest from my vacation, take care all and I wish you all the best for this New Year. SSM I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you, next dinner is totally on me!

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