Saturday, February 09, 2008

Valentines Day in Iraq

Care Packages have started to arrived and the Soldiers Angels have taken care of me, in the picture below is maybe a quarter of the Valentines Day cards that I’ve received for my unit. It’s a lonely time of year to be away from the family but these folk let us out here know that people still care. Thanks everyone!

Here’s a picture of me and the doc.

I got tapped for being the squadron photographer and spent most of today following my guys around doing training. Took some great shots that I’ll be posting once I get a thumbs up from the PAO.

Right now, real work wise, I’m in the process of inventorying everything and painting the shelves in the office. Haven’t tackled the book shelves in the library yet but it’s sure to happen sometime in the near future.

A side note on the painting, we found another can of the paint that we used on our room with an English sticker on it that said automotive/heavy industrial paint. Hopefully, my future kids don’t look funny.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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