Monday, May 14, 2007

OIF Hero SGT Mark England beaten & tased by Las Vegas Police at McCarran Airport

Cat sent me this way with her post.

Sgt Mark T. England of the US Army National Guard was a medic getting ready to deploy forward with his unit when the March 10th incident happened at the McCarren International Airport in Las Vagas. Mark was tased 3 times and beat with night clubs by 2 Las Vagas police officers the second video is shot it from a different angle and shows another police officer joking and making kicking motions with a TSA agent. When it was all done and over with Mark was left with bruses all over his body, 3 fractured ribs and questions. Two months later, still no charges were filed against him and he been unable to deploy due to his injuries. Cat fills the details pretty good enough but the videos speak for themselves.

Part one

Part two

I hope this doesn't happen to me when I go to Las Vegas!


This is about to show how many voices the blogsphere can bring up when we see an injustice being done. Some other people who are talking about this (I borrowed some of these from Cat and others from Technorati) and I've posted the links below.

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